• The choice is yours, you have full control

Your privacy is important

We trust you are enjoying our website, you will notice there are many opportunities for you to contact us, you will also have seen the notice that appears below each message box:

  • Includes an offer to join the "Service" list
  • Your email & details are safe with us, we don't sell them

When you submit your request on the webpage, two  messages are created, one arrives at the office where we can action it as required, the other is sent to our “list” system which automatically responds to you via email with clear instructions on how to confirm joining our list.

A response is required by you before you are added to the list, full instructions are in that email.  This is known as the “Double Opt-In”.

You remain on the list until you decide to leave, instructions are in every message received with how to remove yourself (or you can contact us).  We designed it this way to give you full control on whether to allow future automated contact from us.

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