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Our passion for IT drives us to provide comprehensive, reliable service on projects of all sizes

We offer a range of products to serve your business. Including: Backup & Business Continuity, Phones & IP PBX, Video Surveillance

We offer a range of manged services, including: Antivirus, Email filtering (Exchange & Office 365), VoIP lines, Video Surveillance, WiFi unification


Proudly serving Cambridge, Ontario, and the surrounding area, we are seasoned IT specialists with over 25 years of hands-on, corporate experience. We offer a broad range of scalable products & services for clients ranging in size from small businesses to organisations of 300+ staff.

We are the local experts for all your current and future IT needs.

Ashley Griffin

Why Choose Us

We are the local experts for all your current and future IT needs. Here are a few reasons why you should entrust your information technology infrastructure and investment to GRIFFCOMM

We started in the industry before the PC as we know it today was invented. This has afforded us the opportunity to understand many technical systems, including DOS, Microsoft Windows, IBM AS400, Apple (Mac and iOS) and Novell to name a few.

We have managed IT infrastructure for organisations with over 300 staff, for over 20 years. Todays world now includes remote workers and multi office locations, which we have both experience and product range to streamline your organisation to cope with your ever changing business needs.

We have some clients have assigned us office space, which we supply all the required IT equipment and staff to facilitate dedicated on premise support.

Anything we sell or install will always have the future in mind, we understand how IT appears to always change, hardware we recommend will have been planned with the future allowing you to expand your business knowing your infrastructure will cope with the added workload

Our expertise is not limited to just computers and networks, we have designed and deployed a vast range of communication technologies including WiFi connectivity, virtual servers, phone and video communications, on premise and mobile video surveillance systems.

Sometimes work is best completed outside normal business hours, we are happy to cater to this and for when a real emergency arises our corporate number has a special emergency system to allow you request service in a planned timeframe.

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