● Analog & Digital (VoIP) Lines   ● Desk & Mobile (DECT / WiFi) Phones   ● No Maintenance Required

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Reliable IP Voice, Video, Data and Mobility Solutions

Whether you have an aging PBX phone system or are planning a brand new installation, we have a solution to meet your infrastructure and budgetary requirements.

New Installations and Obsolete System Replacement

  • Certified Specialist and Reseller of award-winning IP voice, video, data and mobility solutions
  • Desk and Mobile (DECT/WiFi) phones
  • Audio and Video conferencing hardware
  • Supports existent Analog & Digital VoIP lines
  • Migration from aging PBX phones & controllers before they fail
  • Unparalleled access to manufacturer support
  • Self contained, on-site system
  • No Maintenance Costs

Large Scale and Multi-site Applications

  • Desk phone designs from executives to call center application including mobile handsets
  • Conference room audio and video endpoints facilitate client collaboration
  • DECT extenders for mobile handsets for wider coverage in facilities such as large warehouses
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi unification offers site-wide or multi-building coverage

Guaranteed Compatibility

  • Manufacturer certification guarantees 100% compatibility throughout the system
  • Fully “plug & play” systems can use existing analog phone lines and don’t require any extra network hardware
  • Avoid performance/reliability issues:
  • VLAN = LAN speed & reliability impacted
  • Internet VoIP = speed & voice quality impacted
  • Mismatched PBX hardware = loss of features
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