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Not everything is cloud based

In todays age it appears almost everything you need to do has a cloud based app that appears to be free. However, we have found it’s never as good as it sounds … your internet connection needs to be extremely fast and reliable, then you need to pay to have full use of the app … therefore it wasn’t as free as it appeared.

We are able to supply software applications which are on premise use, such as email servers, staff and time management and operating systems like Microsoft Windows Server. We also have access to other compatible systems such as Apple OS and VMWare appliances.

Own your data

On premise applications still exist, especially for important or confidential uses such as email and payroll services.

Any software or service we provide means you have more control of your data. Increased control assists with decisions on how to move forward with business.

A good example is an email server, where you have full control of your emails on site. Creating your own private cloud, whereby your staff connect to your server instead of relying on data centres across the globe.

Most software apps are cloud based, meaning good, fast and reliable internet is a necessity. Using on premise applications means less reliance on the internet. Once installed and licensed, generally it’s autonomous.

We have many years in the IT industry, so with our expertise at your finger tips, this will allow you to make an informed decision of which application is best.

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