Data Backup & Business Continuity

Total piece of mind

In today’s digital society, backup is a necessity. File deletions or failing hardware is nothing compared to viruses totally eradicating any way of recovery without a full offsite copy of your digital data. The Crypto-virus brought a whole new meaning to “never getting your data back”.

Restoring large amounts of data takes a lot of time, meaning backup alone sometimes is not enough. We are experts in business continuity procedures and pride ourselves on being able to protect your data and more importantly recovery, allowing your business to quickly continue trading.

Your data never leaves Canada

All of our backup, business continuity and file protection systems are fully comprehensive, tested daily to confirm your data is safe and is stored in data centres located in Canada.
GriffCOMM Backup & Business Continuity

Our server grade backup and business continuity solutions have on premise hardware, which stores your duplicated data. Bandwidth usage for the offsite store intelligently takes place outside business hours or can be customized to fit with your business needs.

Our cloud base storage has no limits on space! Whether you have 100Gb or 10Tb of data per year, the cost is the same. For some services we are able to offer retention beyond 1 year.

Backup and business continuity solutions can be used for all on premise desktops and servers. For remote and mobile laptops, we offer either file protection or system backup, which directly connects to our cloud data centres.

Imagine a backup that never needs your interaction, it just does everything required for both onsite storage and a remote cloud based copy that never leaves Canada. It really is that good! We have rescued companies from complete data loss with our solutions.

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