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Desktop, Laptops, Tablets & POS hardware tailored for your enterprise

We can supply many specifications of laptop, tablet and PC’s including towers, tiny models and terminals for both business and point of sale usage. Being a Lenovo Partner and Intel Gold level Technology Provider affords us the opportunity to design, build and supply the perfect computer for your specific needs.
The majority of PC’s are for daily business use, with a 3 year manufacturer onsite warranty. However, we also design and build specific hardware for other uses including CAD, gaming and systems to power the virtual world.
We also have our own specially designed terminals that cater for today’s large scale usage, for both office and point of sale areas. We offer features beyond a normal PC or terminal making them environmentally friendly.

Desktops, Laptops and Tablets with power

Designed for all areas of business whether its remote sales or CAD use

We have found Intel has always been the most stable of technologies. When it comes to laptops and desktops, whether it’s in a Lenovo or a Genuine Intel branded machine, you are assured reliability

All laptops and desktops are supplied with a manufacturer warranty and support from 1 to 3 years, assuring you a guaranteed investment timeframe

Some computers, laptops and tablets are powered by other operating systems such as Android and Apple. We can also supply some Intel hardware without an operating system, which can be powered by many versions of Linux

Wireless communication is common in todays age. Most desktops, laptops and tablets are supplied from factory with both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity at no extra cost, offering you the most advance integration

Our exclusively designed terminals are aimed at office and POS use, they can be branded with your company information and have Intel at the core. They are environmentally friendly and offer features such as:
: Wireless keyboard and mouse
: Powered by Intel technologies
: Use about 10 watts of power
: Powered via the network data cable (no external power required)

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