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An efficient business needs a reliable and secure digital infrastructure, which is also known as a LAN. With over 25 years of hands-on corporate experience we not only understand the hardware required, but also know what to avoid when utilizing external service providers who install hardware such as phones, video surveillance, and connectivity services based on WiFi and VPN technologies.

We supply and configure network communication switches, hardware permitter firewalls and other network aware devices such as phone PBX systems, video surveillance and printing solutions to name a few. Our products are secure, reliable and will not complicate your network, so are easy to maintain.

Products to enhance your profits

Our goal is to install reliable products that do not require ongoing service and do not complicate network topology

Our network switches are reliable, offering both 1Gb/s and 10Gb/s connection in both copper and fibre. If required they are also able to provide up to 30 watts of power for end point devices via Power over Ethernet.

Being a Watchguard certified reseller affords us the ability to supply the correct sized hardware for your site, whether it’s a remote office or the main headquarters. Having 3 year manufacturer warranty and support means your perimeter protection will always be secure.

WiFi is a necessity in todays network. Our solution has many features including:
– No external power, as the copper network cable is used for both data and power
– Site and Corporation wide unification. Mobile devices will work across the whole site or multiple offices without the need to reconnect.
– VoIP compliant with live roaming during calls
Direct LAN connected storage and appliance servers are common, whether you need more generic storage capacity or a specific network connected storage appliance, such as an Apple TimeMachine backup service. We can supply the correct size unit and configure it to your existing network.

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