Loan Hardware

We noticed when a problem hits your business most do not have any disaster plan (Business Continuity), in light of this we now offer loan (rental) server hardware.

We use VMWare virtualisation engine ESXi (vSphere) environment allowing the most flexibility to integrate to your existing infrastructure, it also allows us to run more than a single server in a single loan appliance.

Our loan hardware has some very high end features including:

  • Intel XEON processor with benchmarks over 10000
  • Over 4Tb of redundant usable storage
  • Hardware RAID storage controller (system continues to run even if a drive fails)
  • SSD system storage for rapid start-ups
  • Multiple network interface ports able to cope with more than a single server on different LAN segments
  • Fibre network connections for both 1Gb and 10Gb speeds
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