Managed Service

Interact and manage your services

Some of our products and services offer cloud based integration and management at no additional cost. Access is via the links below with a supplied secure username and password.

The cloud portals allow access to features such as, log files, statistics and interaction. For example, access to review live and historical security camera footage.

Manage service


Call history, charges and balance details

Check email quarantine and manage filter settings

Access live and historic video footage

Update settings for remote and mobile phone endpoints

Manage captive portal and access privileges.


We enjoy finding the root cause of the problem and fixing it with the ultimate goal of the same problem not returning

Having dealt with servers for many years affords us the opportunity of being able to identify, confirm and fix failures quickly and safely.

On premise visits are a vital part of our operation in making sure both projects and goals are completed. Whether it’s for a repair, upgrade or installation of new products and/or services.

All staff are trained and fully insured by GRIFFCOMM, we are also registered under WSIB for complete piece of mind.

We carry very specific Fluke branded equipment for testing, installation and expansion of both copper and fibre networking topologies.

In a corporate network Ethernet is widely used for communication, this has afforded us the opportunity of dealing with hardware such as Phones, Video conferencing, PBX and Video surveillance, to name a few.

We also have experience with many different types of operating systems and their associated hardware platforms including, IBM AS400, VMWare Hypervisor, Apple MAC, iOS and Android.

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