New Video Surveillance cameras added

We have expanded our range of IP CCTV (Video Surveillance) considerably to include cameras for use in a wide range of industries, all are listed in the online PDF brochure accessible from our website (shown below and imaged here), listed here is a brief highlight of some of the new products on offer:

  • Armored (Prison and Extreme environments)
  • Mobile, Transportable and Vehicle use (EN50155 rated)
  • Long Distance (over 100 meters, generally up to 150 meter with Infra-Red Illumination)
  • License Plate recognition up to 85mph, 2 lanes at the same time (great for parking lots, entry gates or drive throughs (like Tim Hortons)
  • Small recessed discreet mounted (dome and 360 degree versions)
  • Convert (recessed hidden in wide angle and 360 degree versions)
  • IR Illumination
  • Desktop playback USB controllers
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