• Established since 1991

We are the local experts for all your current and future IT needs

Here are just a few reasons why you should entrust your information technology infrastructure and investment to GRIFFCOMM:

  • Local IT specialists serving Cambridge, Ontario and surrounding area
  • Over 25 years of hands-on, corporate IT experience
  • Service response outside of regular business hours when required
  • Scalable products and services for clients ranging in size from small business to organisations of 300+ staff
  • Ongoing certificated training with some of the largest IT manufacturers including Intel, Grandstream and Vivotek
  • Close relationships with select manufacturers and their representatives allow us to share benefits of a robust support network with our clients
  • Diverse experience and vast array of network testing equipment makes us the ideal choice to diagnose, repair and replace most network related hardware including servers, desktops, laptops and peripherals
  • As respected industry experts, we’ve written numerous IT articles and reviews for commercial publications and serve as experts for other media, such as Rogers Radio 570 NEWS
  • Trade agreements with companies such as Dolby Laboratories allow us to create and sell commercial video media content
  • We keep your business prepared for the future, while keeping unexpected expenses to a minimum
  • We take great pride in & enjoy our work – we won’t sell something if we wouldn’t use it ourselves